James Owen

“I joined from Sainsbury’s in 2012 as this represented a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform Omega Pharma into an extremely successful large business. My plan to deliver this was to create a global Finance division blueprint, develop a culture based on transparency, personal accountability, financial empowerment and with the company values at the heart of everything we do. The positive energy in the office is tangible and we strongly believe that every year here is worth three years in a traditional blue chip environment!”

- James Owen, Head of Finance

Why join the Omega Pharma Finance Team?

You will steer the company through its explosive growth plans

Our team charter is to “embed Finance at the heart of business decisions” which has been embraced by the company to the extent that you will always be expected to actively participate in decision making. We have the scale, world class processes and brand portfolio of a blue chip but with the spirit and agility of a start-up. You will be responsible for keeping the company pointing in the right direction and within the appropriate level of financial governance.

You will own the entire spectrum of Finance

Most of us have run very large business units previously but the reality was that our remit was restricted to a niche element of the P&L, be it sales down to gross margin or marketing investment etc. Here you will have total breadth of financial responsibility be it AP/AR, tax/audit, cost control through or treasury, making all of our Finance team the CFO’s of the future.

You will create a personal legacy which will stand the test of time

The business is results focussed but through humility and a prioritisation culture we ensure that every piece of work stands up to the challenge of “does it make the bike go faster”. The same applies to our colleagues where everyone is encouraged to create a personal legacy statement, being the one thing you will be famous for during your time here. At least twice a year we revisit this and discuss how we can remove barriers to ensure you remain on track to achieving this stretching ambition.

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