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Robert Baker

“My career as a solicitor has combined working in private practice legal firms and in-house for a major government institution. Joining Omega Pharma in 2013 to lead the Consumer Services team and manage its legal work I am involved with many varied and usually fast moving areas of the business. It is my job to show direction in how we speak to and learn from the actual users of our products and our customers. This requires the team to “live” our company values and directly enhance its reputation. It’s undoubtedly an exciting environment”

- Robert Baker, Head of Consumer Services and Company Lawyer

Why join the Omega Pharma Consumer Services Team?

We are the team who speak daily to the actual users of our products and the pharmacists selling them. It is our job to help these groups get the best experience of our brands by providing information and making the wider organisation react to the feedback we have access to.

We also provide support to other industry professionals and assist with internal initiatives which help the company reach its goals. We are required to have up to date information about all Omega Pharma products.
We have the responsibility to ensure that all pharmacovigiliance regulatory requirements are met. Without us the business would be unable to operate so we really are central to everything it does.

But it’s more than that…

All of the ways we are in touch with consumers and customers mean we are at the heart of the business – from a formal complaint to a regulator, to comments on a social media outlet.

We work particularly closely with the marketing and regulatory groups to ensure our awareness of all relevant developments is up to date. We maintain comprehensive product knowledge and stay up to date with consumer law which we apply to our interactions.

A key role is sharing our learnings about our products with senior management on a regular basis so informed decisions can be made. This has direct impact on the performance of our brands.

We also have the responsibility of managing the relationship with our external partners who assist us with our medicine products.

We pride ourselves on high levels of oral and written communication as we strive to show we are a reflective and transparent organisation.

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