Real life weight loss stories inspire new marketing campaign to launch innovative XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder sachets

This September, XLS-Medical, the UK’s number one weight loss tablet,1 will launch a compelling new marketing campaign celebrating the success of every day dieters achieving their weight loss goals with a newly launched, cutting-edge and innovative addition to the portfolio. XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder is a berry-flavoured, powder sachet which can be conveniently taken without water, helping dieters lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone.2

The arrival of clinically proven, XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder, will be announced to the UK public on 1 September with an engaging TV advert that will appear across primetime channels, supported by print advertising and a heavyweight PR campaign. Central to this activity are the first hand experiences of XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder ambassadors who illustrate the genuine results which can be achieved with this first of its kind on-the-go weight loss aid. 

Following a nationwide search in March for real women looking to get back to their ideal size, 14 lucky ladies from Dorset to Wakefield, and everywhere in between, were given the chance to embark on a 12 week weight loss challenge with XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder, exclusively before the product was even on shelf. Each slimmer took advantage of support from the weight loss brand’s inhouse dietitian including a free telephone consultation, a service which is available to all XLS-Medical users. Ongoing support was available from the free online support programme which records your weight loss progress and provides helpful tips and advice to keep you on track. For ultimate convenience, the support programme has recently been launched as an app, compatible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, providing the same great services as the online programme, including on-the-go progress tracking, a personal food diary, gentle reminders and so much more.

 Zoe McCarthy, who features in the campaign, lost 23lbs by combining NEW XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder with the XLS support programme, and a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. She comments: “This whole experience has been amazing, it’s so exciting to be on national TV! In the past I really struggled to find a weight loss programme that worked for me but with XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder I saw the results I had been dreaming of.”

 The TV advert showcases five stylish and confident women who lost a combined 91lbs and are relishing their new figures. A friendly presenter clearly communicates that the product is clinically proven to bind some dietary fat and is gentle on the system, helping the user lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone.2 A demonstration of how to use XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder further illustrates the convenience and discrete nature of the product. 

 Yianni Papadopoulos, Marketing Director for Omega Pharma, the distributor of the XLS-Medical range, comments: “Our ambassadors have seen great success with XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder and putting the accomplishments of these real women at the heart of this campaign will motivate and inspire others across the country. The TV advert will also clearly communicate that XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder is the ideal slimming support, helping dieters lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone while being gentle on the system.”

 This latest campaign mirrors the wider marketing strategy of Omega Pharma, which has seen the business develop informative TV adverts which showcase the strong claims supporting their products. This focused approach has seen XLS-Medical become a £10 million brand in only two years3 and the range is credited with the growth of the slimming pills market which is now no longer in decline.4

 XLS-Medical Direct Fat Binder was developed in response to consumer research which illustrated an on-the-go powder was the preferred weight loss aid format.2,5 In a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study published in Obesity journal, the patented natural fibre complex of this first ever direct dose fat binder weight loss powder sachet, which is also found in XLS-Medical Fat Binder tablets, is proven to bind some dietary fat while also being gentle on the body’s digestive system.1 Dieters should take 1 sachet, three times a day after meals and for optimum results should take in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.  


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